"There is no one giant step that does it – it's a lot of little steps."

“There are winners, there are losers, and there are people who have not discovered how to win”

I am turning 23 in 7 days. I am sure that what most of the older would people say is, “You’re young –¬†you have time“. And this is where I … Continue reading

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This Data is Positively Negative!

“Positive data, positive data, positive data” – says the overbearing supervisor. What does it all mean? Well, essentially the terms positive and negative can only exist if you have a … Continue reading

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The Commitment Issue

I’m not a huge fan of relationships, BUT if there’s one thing I’m indefinitely committed to, it’s my dream to bring about a change through the application of stem cells. … Continue reading

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Metabonomics: Seeking Meaningful Signatures In Your Biological Fluids

In the first of a new interview series for minimolecule.com, I caught up with Dr. Toby Athersuch to understand the rapidly growing field of metabolic profiling. This research is allowing … Continue reading

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Hollywood and Science: Making the unreal, real.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that scientists are totally devoid of imagination. In actual fact, some of the best scientists are those that are able to bring creativity … Continue reading

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Climate Change: Why we just don’t give a….

Climate change does not tip the human moral balance according to novel research compiled by psychologists at University of Oregon. Evidence from behavioural analysts and those studying the human condition … Continue reading

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Mother’s Love.

A few weeks ago, actually maybe a few months ago now I was day-dreaming at my desk. I was supposed to be busy conducting experiments and reading research papers but … Continue reading

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Your Environment: Friend or Foe?

A significant challenge in medical research is understanding why we fall ill. Why is it that some of us get certain diseases whilst others do not.¬†Although we are genetically very … Continue reading

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Is there a gene for loving Call of Duty?

Genes are brilliant; and yet the way they are depicted may seem to oversimplify some really complex issues. If you watched BBC’s Horizon last week, entitled “Are you good or … Continue reading

September 12, 2011 · 2 Comments

Cancer: Why we don’t have a cure just yet.

To say that cancer is a complex disease to understand and a difficult disease to treat would be a great understatement. Those that have lost loved ones to cancer describe … Continue reading

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