Hello! My name is Sunniyat. I’m a scientist and I’m hoping that you’re not. I love science, but I know that scientific research can be a little confusing and daunting! I have learnt that almost everyone actually has an interest in scientific progress and would love to read about it, understand it and engage in scientific debate without having to eat a text book. This is where I’m hoping to help. This is my first and only blog and also my first attempt at any form of science journalism which is a nascent and exciting field.

To a certain extent I’m studying a PhD so you don’t have to! Hence, I feel it is one of my social responsibilities as a scientist to engage with you on all matters scientific!

I am a biochemist by training. I spent 4 years at the University of Oxford for my undergraduate and masters’ degrees and from there I went on to Imperial College London where I am currently studying for a PhD.

Thanks for stopping by!

Disclaimer: The views, opinions and thoughts written in this blog are entirely of my own and independent of my host institution Imperial College London and associated funding bodies. 2011-2013

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