The Commitment Issue

I’m not a huge fan of relationships, BUT if there’s one thing I’m indefinitely committed to, it’s my dream to bring about a change through the application of stem cells.

Everyone who knows me or has read my personal blog is probably sick of listening to me going on and on about my passion for stem cells. Hey, let’s just say I’m a proud mama to the baby cells. Basically, I speak of stem cells like they’re the key to cure all diseases.

Today, (Saturday – also known as the weekend), I was in labs counting satellite cells. Period.

This brings us to the point of this post – commitment

For the general reader who has no clue what research work is like, it’s sorta like having a child. A kid who’s so young, who needs supervision, needs to be fed, and have his nappies changed every three hours or so. The only time you can have a break is when the baby is asleep or is at the Daycare. So you take care of this baby until he is old enough to prove himself capable.

In other words, we carry out our experiments and change our solutions, ensure our cells in culture plates don’t die and carry out whatever necessary steps at certain time points until our experiment is able to provide evidence for the study. The only time we get breaks is when our experiments are in overnight incubation or a short processing period during the day.

This is why sometimes its a weekend job. You can’t take a break from a baby now, can you? That’s right, cause if you don’t feed it, it dies. Same thing applies to our research work. These babies need our attention and TLC (Tender Loving Care)!

I’ve never felt like I was obliged or forced to stay in the lab. I love being in the lab and kept busy. It’s tiring, sure – I complain about being tired a lot! But ultimately, as a very positive scientist, I stay committed and look forward to eventually making a small but significant change.

“Just keep on swimming!”


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