Who we are…

We are a growing team of super enthusiastic science bloggers out to share, inform and create innovative content on all matters scientific! Each one of us is an active scientist so we can give you a first-hand account of what it’s like engaging in research at the cutting edge. Our posts cover big stories in the form of features, newly-published research in easy to digest chunks, lots of own opinions and interviews from other scientists! Finally, we scientists like to work hard and play hard! If you’d like to know more about our London-based team read our bios below!


Sunniyat – Editor and Founder

Hello! I’m Sunniyat and I’m a Postdoctoral Scientist at University College London’s Cancer Institute, where I spend my time researching blood cancers. I recently completed my PhD in Clinical Medicine Research at Imperial College London and before that I studied Biochemistry at Oxford University. During my PhD, I studied epigenetic mechanisms that contribute to environmentally derived cancers. I love reading about science and thinking about new ways to describe complex scientific issues in the simplest ways. This curiosity about science communication led to the genesis of this website back in 2011! When I’m not geeking it out I love eating great food, mixing music and hanging out with friends + family!


10516845_10152290621246914_6474839150512456583_nRachel – Editor

Just your everyday blonde Asian doing research on stem cells. I’m sure you come across people like me ALL the time. No big deal, really. I’ll try harder to withhold my sarcasm. I am not Japanese, but I do looove Japanese food. I am currently at the Paediatric Surgery Unit of the UCL Institute of Child Health revolutionising the world from behind a microscope. I decellularise tissues and organs, and prep them for recellularisation and in vivo transplantation. If successful, this translational research will save a child’s life at the Great Ormond Street Hospital which funds most of my projects. Last but not least, shameless self-advertisement: If you have a PhD studentship involving stem cells and regenerative medicine to offer, please do not hesitate to contact me!


Faiz – Editor

Hi! I’m Faiz (trust me, you don’t want to know my super long name). I am currently doing my final year in Biochemistry in Imperial College London. Hopefully I will be graduating next year and get myself a fancy degree. My interest lies in Structural Biology. You might think, what on earth is that? There is no simple explanation but it mainly involves structures of biological molecules. Structures, structures, structures – I am absolutely obssess with these, there are just so beautiful! One day, I will 3D print every molecule that I managed to solve and display them as trophies. Okay……….nerd alert!  Anyway, I hope that my upcoming posts will give you a glimpse of one of the various fields in Biochemistry. Don’t worry, I won’t just be talking about Structural Biology (I’ll try) but I will also post about other things that I find is interesting (about science, of course!). Hope you will enjoy reading my geeky posts!

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